The highly anticipated Yung 1 is set to hit the shelves


Adidas' own Til Jagla took to Instagram to tease the release of the Falcon Dorf aka the Yung 1, after the latest model leaked right before fashion week and was also spotted on the streets of Paris during those influential days.



Ein Beitrag geteilt von Till Jagla (@till.jagla) am Feb 25, 2018 um 9:06 PST


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Till Jagla (@till.jagla) am Mär 3, 2018 um 11:21 PST

Originally previewed as part of the brand’s Dragon Ball Z collaboration - Now, the release of the Yung 1 is only a few weeks away and we clearly can't wait!
Inspired by the 1997 adidas Falcon Village model with a restructured tongue and unique adidas branding, the model seamlessly fits into today's popular chunky sneaker aesthetic. Two colorways are set to debut in April, with one boisterous iteration that comes covered with red and white highlights, and the other in a much more subdued gray and beige make-up. 

The shoe is set to release in September in-store & online!


photos through @till.jagla

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