Reebok coming in hot with the Aztrek

Brands have been digging deep into their archives lately with the intention on releasing forgotten treasures which definitely need a revival now since colors and silhouettes of the past years are in the main focus now. And so did Reebok, pulling out one of their treasures from 1993. After re-releasing the classic DMX Daytona and 3D runners, Reebok is now going back to their heritage re-releasing the Aztrel runner for the very first time. 

Originally designed by Christian Tesser who created the legendary Air max 97 (yes, that´s why the DMX Daytona has the resemblence), the shoe features a bold upper with suede overlays and mesh underlays and colorway in a turqoise so significant for the year 93 and fitting into todays sneaker Trend not just because of its chunkier sole.

The shoe releases July 19 In-Store and Online at Animal Tracks:

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