040 Festival Impressions

 The past weekend Hamburg came together for a festival of local realness.

040 Festival was all about sharing the thought of combining urban music with art, photography, and film. Exactly what Hamburg was missing out on - a platform to showcase every aspect of the urban culture we share. Besides life acts from Dillon Cooper, T-Panther, OsvkvMarvinSlikk, Booz - Grillz FM, and Anna T-Iron came through to present their own work of art in form of tooth jewelry and personal shirt lettering and illustration. For the visuals, Niculai Constantinescu took over a whole container for us to see his urban creations while Foli aka Fruitypoet documented the whole day through his eyes. Of course, Hamburg wouldn't be Hamburg if it wasn't being all bipolar again, raining constantly before blessing us with the sun and a blue sky. Nevertheless, it was a day filled with beautiful people, good music & food.

040 you did that







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